KAON Smart IoT
Platform Architecture
KAON Smart IoT Hub
KAON Smart IoT Hub facilitate that connect between Cloud server and
IoT devices of End-user. Also it is necessary for control and monitor to
IoT devices via the TV(STB) & Smart device UI.
Case in current full version, support to 4 type interfaces as Z-Wave, ZigBee,
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. But it could be manufactured optionally and consider
to another interface by customer needs.
Send data of 'Things' to Cloud server and Transmit data of End-user
command that received via Cloud server to 'Things'.
Dimension : 100mm x 100mm x 20mm
Housing design & cosmetic changeable.
Platform Architecture
KAON Smart IoT Dongle
KAON Smart IoT USB Dongle
KAON Smart IoT hardware line-up include each ZigBee and Z-Wave
USB type dongle. Product for another interface not has been decided yet.
But plan to consider with customer requirement.
This dongle add to function IoT Hub to AP router and STB with USB port.
Case in the USB Dongle use for AP Router and STB of another manufacturers
except Kaonmedia products, Each manufacturer should porting
the Dongle driver software & KAON Smart IoT solution in the own products.
Dimension : 57mm x 20mm x 8mm
Housing design & cosmetic changeable.
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